On playing video games with her family.

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Angelina Jolie 15 day Challenge
Day 3 
Sexiest scene movie of all time
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt  in Mr & Mrs Smith

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Angelina Jolie rehearsing for the 84th Academy Awards.

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 Without the balance of doing things that actually matter in the world - and being part of the real world - then I would have been left in a bubble. That would have felt very empty and I probably would have just had a very shallow, horrible life. I have a real view of the real world. I’m very touched and very moved by people and what they overcome. They have always reminded me to just wake up in the morning and be grateful that your children are healthy. Nothing else matters. - Angelina Jolie 

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ANGELINA JOLIE 15 days challenge
Day 5 → Favorite candid

Having fun with carousels in Central Park, New York City - 25th August 2007

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15 Days of Angelina Jolie : Day 5 → Favorite Candid
∟At a park in Hungary, 2010.

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Angie at the 66th Golden Globes

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